Workshop on Development Environments & Platforms | 04 Mar

Managing complexity in the software we build to study complex systems

Posted by Open Modeling Foundation on February 29, 2024 · 1 min read

We are happy to announce the second of seven workshops aimed at developing good practices and recommendations for improving metadata in computational model-sharing and publishing platforms.

Date: 04 March 2024

Time: 9am (MST), 4pm (UTC), 5pm (CET)

Location: Online (register here)

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Speaker: Allen Lee, Open Modelling Foundation

Presentation title:Managing complexity in the software we build to study complex systems

Speaker bio: Allen Lee is a computer scientist and research software engineer working to (hopefully) improve our abilities to understand and sustainably evolve with the complex adaptive systems that we all collectively share. He helps lead open science initiatives like the Network for Computational Modeling in the Social and Ecological Sciences and the Open Modeling Foundation and contributes to research in the commons and collective action, as well as computational literacy initiatives like the Carpentries.

📸 attribution: Catherine Breslin / Better Images of AI / Silicon Closeup / Licenced by CC-BY 4.0