Video | Publication & Discoverability in Model-sharing

Featuring presentations by Matt Buys (DataCite) and Melissa Harrison (EMBL-EBI)

Posted by Open Modeling Foundation on April 11, 2024 · 2 mins read

On 09 April, colleagues from DataCite and EMBL-EBI delivered talks on their experiences and initiatives enabling the discoverability of computational models.

The workshop began with a presentation from Matt Buys, the Executive Director of DataCite. Matt situated the question of model-sharing within the long history of science as a community practice, which can be said to have begun with the first scientific journals of the 1600s.Today, model-sharing is a topic that must be integral to the entire research lifecycle, from grant applications and data management, through to publication and workflow interfaces that engender trust in research outputs. In this regard, DataCite’s approach to creating citation graphs enables tracing how ORCID IDs, DOIs, and other authoritative identifiers are connected across academic and research ecosystems.

The second presentation, delivered by Melissa Harrison, Group Team Leader of Literature Services at EMBL-EBI, was discipline specific. Melissa introduced us to Europe PMC’s approach to linking life science publications to models through text and data mining, and to the BioModels database, which curates systems biology and machine learning model submissions. Curation was introduced as a human process whereby models are reproduced, standardized and enriched. Standardization relates with the process of encoding models into well-known formats such as SBML and ONNX, which improves interoperability. Semantic enrichment tags model components using relevant ontologies, which enables reuse in other resources. Through this whole process, models become FAIR.

Watch the two presentations below, join us on 23 April for the following workshop, and sign up to our Google Group to learn how you can get involved with the ModelShare program!

📸 Image by Alan Warburton / © BBC / Better Images of AI / Plant / Licenced by CC-BY 4.0